How to Become a Network Engineer

These skills can be technical, social, business, and sometimes all three. Today, technology is increasingly evolving, leading to an increasing role of information technology professionals. In addition, they also often have extensive experience in complex networks for organizations and businesses. There’s never been a better time to build your credentials with IT certifications. These 20 highest-paying certifications can boost your salary and lead you to a better career in 2023.

Not only this with every passing year, we see every industry evolving its technical aspect of working. It delivers candidates in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 software. It will teach them how to recognize potential risks or network security techniques utilized in a program. This certification gives candidates the required expertise to work with Azure software.

Salary Based on Skill Set

One of the most important factors when choosing a career is salary. This essential skill allows you to handle tasks efficiently on time by prioritizing tasks. Here’s a list of the hard skills you’ll need to succeed in your job.

According to the UK National Careers Service, Network Engineers can expect an average annual salary ranging from £21,000 to £52,000, depending on experience [1]. However, individual salaries will depend on the company and industry you work for, where you’re located, how to become a windows network engineer and your job responsibilities. At smaller companies, you may be responsible for both architecture and security. Working in larger companies often means specialising in one area of network engineering, such as architecture, security, or administration.

What learners who have completed these courses say

Therefore, a basic understanding of cloud computing skills in a network engineer could do wonders when applying for the role. Azure, AWS, and GCP are some of the examples you could learn about. These will help a business scale up through easily accessible large amounts of data that the cloud allows one to store. It will increase the efficiency, speed, and security of vital data. Before you dive in and make the commitment, remember that network engineers are lifelong learners and need to continuously update their knowledge, skills, and certifications as technology evolves. And now that you know what does a network engineer do and how to become one, take the necessary steps to excel in the field.

  • You can look at the graph below for how the experience could affect the range of network engineer salaries.
  • Due to networking innovations and the increasing demand for growth in high-powered industries, most companies face setbacks in scaling their operations.
  • This skill will allow you to effectively describe your mission and solutions to employees and management who may not be in the same field as you.
  • This is one of the reasons for such a surge in demand for this job position.
  • If you are an expert in this area, you often have to plan, monitor, and implement computer networks.

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